"The Voices That You Hear"

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"Here I Come Again"

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"Here and Now"

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"Cross The Line"

"A Higher Level"

"Fake News"

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Destiny Returns is a music collaboration featuring Jim Gorski and Neil Smith who started out practicing in Neil's parents’ garage in 1976. They spent many long days and nights writing, playing, and performing in all the local Los Angeles Night Clubs before calling it quits in 1985. They came back together in 2017 to regroup and produce their first album "Pieces to the Puzzle". Since then have re-recorded old songs, as well as written many new ones to round out their musical growth. Destiny Returns currently has 12 separate releases to date and their 13th release, a single entitled "Kiss Of Night" will be available on all major streaming platforms starting November 1st.   

"Our group is cemented together through our love of music and our passion to share  ourselves and our creativity. We hope you enjoy our sound as much as we enjoyed  making it"   

What Inspires Us


Despite sharing different interests and pastimes, we are inspired by our individual experiences, which leads us to work unselfishly in a creative setting. We take turns writing songs, so we are equally invested, and each song is a reflection of our combined thought and life experience. 

Our Influences


 Our music blends rock with keyboard electronics to create a unique sound. Our lyrics are personal and inspired by our life experiences.  We’ve written about the excitement of travel, love, personal growth and positive thought. 

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